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This is the season of gratitude, so we thought it was a good time to make a list of the benefits Dysport provides and for which our clients have expressed their thanks. Some lesser-known advantages to Dysport include treating axillary hyperhidrosis, armpit sweating, being used in jaw-pronouncing treatments, reducing neck cords, and used in facial slimming treatments.

1. Dysport gives you the confidence you deserve
As you age, you might find yourself feeling less confident about your appearance and struggling and feeling a lack of confidence in yourself as a result. Many people feel this way and it is nothing to be ashamed of experiencing. Sculpt Spa prides itself on being a confidence booster for its clients and Dysport is one of the best ways to do that.

2. You get relief from anxiety
Medical research suggests both Dysport and Botox shots may help improve your mental health. A research report by the University of California San Diego analyzed a Food and Drug Administration database of nearly 40,000 patients and found that anxiety levels among people who had these treatments were 20 to 70% lower.

3. You get a self-esteem boost
You will look and feel younger. With smoother and line-free skin, you’ll feel much better about yourself and find aging a little bit easier to handle. Many patients report higher self-esteem after their Dysport treatments. A study in the Dermatologic Surgery Journal revealed that these injections result in improvements in both quality of life and self-esteem. There were significant improvements in mood, overall life satisfaction, body satisfaction, self-consciousness, intellect, self-worth, appearance, attractiveness, sense of well-being plus more.

4. It can improve your career
Dysport doesn’t directly impact job performance, however, the boost to your self-confidence may make you bolder at work. If you are an entertainer, it helps you maintain your flawless looks required to enchant an audience. For other professionals, most men and many women who receive Dysport cite staying work competition as a reason for undergoing the injections. As the working population ages, Dysport is helping businessmen and women stay looking their best.

5. It can positively impact your romance
Our clients say when they look good due to Dysport, they feel better about themselves in their relationships. They feel more confident dating online, looking great in profile photos or rekindling their current relationship.

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