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Why we love the Biologique Recherche finishing serums… and an overview of the formulations.

Finishing serums are essential for both a beautiful finish to your skincare regimen and to create a protective seal. With larger molecules, these formulations are intended to sit on top of the skin and create a velvety veil that prevents intrusion from external pollutants and prevents transepidermal water loss. we’ve pulled our go-to formulas and a brief summary so you can decide which is best for your unique skin instant. Better yet, schedule a skin consult with us and we’ll help you build the perfect skincare ritual.

Le Grand Serum

Known to be the “king” of all finishing serums, it features the highest concentration of active ingredients (27 actives, to be exact) and delivers anti-aging, hydrating, brightening, and antioxidant properties,

Serum Yall O2

Perfect for dry, dehydrated skin, this highly-regenerating elixir is packed with moisturizing actives to hydrate and plump the skin and reduce visible wrinkles for an instant lift and volume boost.

Fluide VIP 02

Featuring the beloved VIP O2’s signature oxygenating complex, it’s the ideal formula for combating the signs of stress and fatigue on the skin. For urban dwellers, it protects against pollutants and restores lost radiance. It’s designed for all skin instants but can particularly benefit those with oily tendencies.

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