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Under-eye bags, hollows, and lines can make you look tired, no matter how much sleep you get. They are caused by a number of factors, including genetics and aging. However, lifestyle and medical history can also affect the delicate skin around your eyes.


As we age, our skin loses elasticity and volume, leading to sagging skin, bags, hollows, and fine lines. When we were younger, the breakdown of the youthful building blocks in our tissues would be replenished quickly by our body. However, with age, the breakdown continues at the same rate while the body takes longer to replenish youthful elements like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid Of course, gravity doesn’t help.


If you have allergies, you likely experience dark circles, lines, and under-eye bags. This is because the eyes are very susceptible to allergy symptoms. Dryness, itching, and swelling, which often leads to allergy sufferers rubbing their eyes, hurts the delicate under-eye area, leading to stretching, sagging, and lines.

Sun Damage

Exposure to the sun is another culprit, which makes under-eye bags and fine lines look worse. Since ultraviolet rays break down collagen, getting out of the sun or wearing sunscreen whenever possible is good for your under-eye area as well as the rest of your body. Furthermore, if you don’t wear a good pair of UV protective sunglasses any time you’re in the sun, the constant squinting and UV penetration can lead to lines and other skin damage.

Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation can lead to under-eye bags, lines, and dark circles because lack of sleep prevents your body from producing enough moisture that would otherwise soften tissue around the under-eyes. Our skin does a lot of repair work while we sleep, so lack of sleep can affect your skin health in more ways than one!

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