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PMS Vitamin IV Drip

The menstrual cycle is a monthly reality for women, and no matter how long we’ve had it, period cramps and other side effects continue to surprise us every time. Some months are a bit moodier while others we face uncomfortable bloating – not to mention the plethora of additional side effects like migraines and fatigue that come with it. The good news? Youth Haus can show you how to stop period cramps and other effects of your menstrual cycle, and all it takes is a special Cure pms IV drip.

You may have tried some of our other vitamin enhanced IVs in the past but a PMS drip is truly a girl’s best friend. These essential vitamins are what help with period cramps, and they’re much more effective than heating pads and Advil. The nutrients are delivered straight into your bloodstream for fast results, giving you a head start on cramps and other discomforts. Read on for everything you need to know about the PMS Vitamin IV drips at Cure.

What’s In A PMS Vitamin IV Drip?

For one, a whole bunch of B vitamins to stop period cramps and physical discomfort. This category of vitamins has been proven by many studies to be effective in treating premenstrual symptoms like depression, anxiety, and hormone imbalances, and can also support cellular function for a smoother period cycle.

Your mood is boosted even further with magnesium chloride, which is also present in a PMS Vitamin IV. This mineral is made within the body and supports muscle, nerve, and energy functions, but you can always use it a bit more during your menstrual cycle. Magnesium has frequently been called “Nature’s Relaxer,” and has shown to be what helps with period cramps. It relaxes the muscles of the uterus during your cycle and reduces the level of prostaglandins that cause period cramps, making it a must-have in a PMS Vitamin IV.

Our treatment is rounded out by calcium chloride, which studies have shown minimizes the pain of your period cramps.

The Best Tips For PMS IV Therapy

1. Use It Alongside Other Products

A PMS Vitamin IV is an incredible formula that shows you how to stop period cramps in their tracks. But like any other treatment, it’s a tool rather than a total cure. Therefore, you can still use things like heating pads and pain relievers like Tylenol in your period management routine.

2. Get Your Vitamin IV A Few Days Early

The nutrients in the Vitamin IV’s help to rev up your body and create a smoother experience during your menstrual cycle. Therefore, you should get yours a few days before the beginning of your monthly bleeding. This helps your body better prepare and create fewer period cramps, mood swings, bloating, and beyond.

3. Recommend To Your Friends With PCOS Or Endometriosis

Some women have heavier and/or more painful cycles than others, especially if they have medical conditions like endometriosis or PCOS. A PMS IV is a perfect treatment for these individuals, as it helps to equip their bodies for an easier menstrual cycle. Make it a monthly path to Cure to reduce even the worst period cramps, and we promise you won’t regret it!

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