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Who are they?

AnteAGE was born about 10 years ago from the world of regenerative medicine by two physicians with a vision for the possibilities of stem cell science. While stem research lives on in a separate sister company, AnteAGE places focus on skincare and began to take off in 2014. Since that time, they have become a leading producer in growth factor regenerative aesthetic products for skincare and treatments.

What They Do

Develop products using a very extensive, targeted process that produce specialized, natural proteins to trigger renewal in various areas of the human body. While several products focus on anti-aging skincare, they also have advanced products for hair regeneration and vaginal rejuvenation that yield amazing results.

Each product contains a different portfolio of these proteins (growth factors and cytokines) so that we can be sure the formulation is as close to the natural renewal process as possible.

Cure Med Spa proudly offers AnteAGE growth factors, exosomes, hair restoration, vaginal rejuvenation and Brightener and Accelerator daily cream gel, accelerator & serum.

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