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Winterize your Skincare

With winter finally here, our skin tends to suffer. Dry indoor heat along with less humid outdoor temperatures lead to drier skin. Most would think applying a heavier moisturizer will help, but believe it or not, it will leave your skin still dry and you frustrated.

Not all skin is the same. It’s so important to listen to yours and adapt.

Here are a few tips from your Skin Experts at Cure Med Spa.


Steamy showers in the winter are always the best but washing your face in the shower or with hot water will strip your skin of all its natural oils.


Consider switching cleansers. If you normally use a gel-based cleanser you may try a cream or gentle cleanser. By doing this, it will help to protect your skins barrier and not strip it of all its natural oils.


Again, you want to protect your skins barrier, so if you are an exfoliate all the timer, you’ll Anwant to consider backing off a bit. But this doesn’t mean to stop all together because exfoliating is key to that JLo glow.

Everyone knows the holy grail of chemical exfoliants is GLYCOLIC!! But in the winter it’s important to switch to a mechanical exfoliant 1x/week and use a gentler chemical exfoliant 2x/week.


Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a gold standard because its moisture binding acid can hold 1000 x its weight in water. Because of this, it will restore and replenish your skin.

Cure Hint: This will always be the last serum applied.


Our skin is lacking moisture aka water. By applying your products on damp skin, your products are not only going to go further but you will see a huge difference in balanced hydration levels. Trust us! You will thank us later.

Whether you’re needing to hit the reset button on your skincare regimen, or simply want to enhance the best you, Cure Med Spa can assist! Our guests have exclusive access to extensive range of skincare products, containing highly active, results driven ingredients. Cure Med Spa’s curated roster includes Biologique Recherche Paris, PCA Skin Care, Elta MD Skincare, and Foreo Sweden.

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