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More than a med spa, it is an experience.

The world of aesthetics has become inundated with convoluted treatments and quick fix options, charlatans and “exclusive spas”, all promising dissonant versions of the same thing. The pure aesthetics of Cure serve as the antidote to the overly sterile options that are offered. The perfectly fused modern techniques with tranquility distinguishes itself from other spas in the township.

As the Connecticut Shore’s new Premier Medical Spa, Cure offers the latest and most results driven advances in aesthetic services. As a state-of- the-art, full service medical spa and skincare clinic and day spa, we offer the latest in non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, skincare, body sculpting and anti-aging treatments.

Cure honors the commitment to provide the right treatment, at the right time, as we strive to find even better, innovative ways to provide you the best care while exceeding your beauty health and wellness goals.

Whether patients are looking for a path to relaxation or are seeking physically transformative treatments like cosmetic injectables or laser therapies or a carefree self indulgence day, Cure Med Spa delivers.

The new facility provides a space formulated to nurture the body, mind & enhance your physical & mental wellness.

At Cure, our goal was to create a space, an Oasis beyond the modern hustle — inside our walls, time slows, skincare decisions simplify, and everything…smooths out. Cure offers the highest level of bespoke services and treatments including Hydrafacials, injectables, such as Botox and filler, chemical peels, EmsculptNEO, laser therapies and more. Cure also hosts access to curated roster of elite skincare such as #BiologiqueRecherche an exclusive brand sold only at selected & vetted luxury spas worldwide.

For Some, It Is An Indulgence,
For Others, A Necessity.
For everyone, Cure Med Spa is an exquisite resource to
rejuvenate mind and body.

CONTACT US 860-317-0735