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Kybella is a non-surgical treatment used to get rid of double chin or the excess fat under the chin. It is the only fat-reducing injectable treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). With Kybella, that stubborn double chin that’s making you look older and feel self-conscious will be eliminated and you don’t even have to go under the knife to achieve that.

How Does Kybella Work?

Thanks to Kybella, you can lose double chins just as easily and fast as you got them in the first place. And that’s because Kybella consists of a natural form of deoxycholic acid that’s available in the body. This acid helps in the destruction and absorption of dietary fat that causes double chin. Once these cells are destroyed, they won’t be able to accumulate or store fat anymore. So once you hit the mark you desire with your facial appearance, further treatment will be unnecessary.

What Is The Kybella Procedure Like?

To begin, a Cure expert injector will first examine the area around your chin to find out if Kybella will work for you. After that, they will use a marker to map out the injection sites and probably, administer an ice pack or a topical numbing agent to ease any discomfort or pain.

Depending on your desired profile or the size of your double chin, the specialist will inject about 30 to 50 small injections under your chin. The acid will get to work immediately, gradually killing the fat cells over the subsequent weeks. You may have to attend up to six sessions of Kybella treatments, with a month interval between each session in order to achieve optimal results.

How Much Does Kybella Cost?

It’s quite on the high side but far cheaper than surgical treatments. The cost of Kybella is dependent on the treatment area and the number of sessions suggested but the specialist.

Are the Results Temporary or Permanent?

Once the deoxycholic acid active in Kybella breaks down the fat cells beneath the chin, you are not expected to go for further treatment. Usually, the results of Kybella treatment are visible after two to four sessions. Chin profile varies among individuals, so the number of treatments you have to undergo in order to achieve a lasting result also varies. Our expert providers are in the best position to guide you to your end results.

Does Kybella Have Any Side Effects?

You should fully recover from the side effects of Kybella treatment in a matter of two weeks, although downtime is not the same for everyone. The common side-effects you may experience include numbness, pain, swelling, bruising and redness. In severe cases, there have been reports of weakness, difficulty in swallowing, nerve injury and uneven smile. You should contact the provider immediately if you notice any of these rare effects.

Kybella can be used in other areas besides fullness under the chin. Although it is only FDA approved for usage in the submental space (double chin) it is also used off label in other areas such as stubborn bra and back fat, jowls, and banana rolls.

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